Family Matters

PROMIS believes that family matters.

In fact, we have observed that the the more that family and close friends can become involved in the treatment process, the better the treatment outcome for the patient.
Substance misuse and addiction affect not only the primary sufferer but also family and close friends. The painful effects of the condition have a ripple affect on all those close to the sufferer.
Therefore, PROMIS believe that the family programme is an integral part of the treatment process. Our aim is to help the whole family to get well and for PROMIS to be there to smooth out the inevitable rough patches in early treatment and recovery. It is our experience that the family programme is a vital support in sustaining recovery in the whole family.
The PROMIS family group meetings give help and support, allowing family members and friends to have the opportunity to say how they feel about what has been happening in their lives and look at ways in which they might be able to take more care of themselves and reduce their preoccupations.

They learn how to help the ones they love.

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